Ending the year on a great note

This year is almost over!
I can't believe it! Before the clock strikes 12, I just want to share one last post with you. Theres so much to share but I have chosen to share Ruth's wedding because it was such a monumental moment for our team.
We flew out to Monterey California to beautify Ruth and her wedding party. I could go on and on about the wedding but I'll let the pictures do the talking.
Photographed by Danielle Gillett, heres Ruth...

Hair by Morgan
Makeup by Cynthia

WHAT AND INCREDIBLE YEAR we have had! We feel so blessed to have been able to collaborate with incredible talent, honored to have participated in so many beautiful weddings and grateful for the continual growth and success our team has experienced.
We want to take a moment and thank all the friends, family, clients and vendors who have made 2010 one of the most successful years Enizio has experienced. THANK YOU!!
We are so excited for what 2011 has in store for us. We hope to be able to continue to contribute to the amazing wedding industry here in Utah as well as throughout the country as we expand our horizons this year.
As we continue to strive to reach our potential, we invite you to let us know how we can improve the quality of our work. We take our clients satisfaction very seriously and always welcome your opinion. After all we would not exist without you!
We wish you all success in your labors, joy in your relationships, hope in your challenges and a year of personal growth. Remember that true beauty lies within the heart. For everything else, theres Enizio ;)


My girls...

We've been busy, but somewhere in there we had the chance to squeeze in some fun shoots. However this time it was my beautiful & talented team who got to pose for the camera.

Aria (ARIA PHOTOGRAPHY) and I have been talking about collaborating for a while now. When the opportunity presented itself and we were discussing models, Aria suggested we use Morgan and her super cute boyfriend for a vintage inspired engagement shoot. Morgan is so stinking cute so I got really excited about working with her, but when Aria said vintage, I knew Morgan and I were in for a good laugh.
A lot of you don't know Morgan personally so let me be the first to tell you that this look is so outside of her character. We were dying laughing because it was so weird for us to see her transform from modern to vintage in a matter of minutes. Of course Morgan rocked it, and watching her work the camera, I felt like a proud momma.

With Stephanie, Camilla Binks needed a model for a winter inspired bridal shoot and approached Stephanie about modeling. When Stephanie called me to do her hair, I couldn't help but tease her that she was secretly shooting her bridal session and just didn't want to admit it! I love Stephanie with all my heart and would do anything for her so when she told me she was getting into a wedding gown, I was rearranging my schedule because there was no way I was going to miss out on this! Camilla suggested something simple and low. We brainstormed and gathered ideas but when it came time to bring it to life, all Stephanie said was "make it big sin!", so we did. Seeing it all come together and watching her rush out the door, it was impossible for me not to get teary eyed.

I'll admit that it was a little intimidating to design for these guys. After all, they are my teachers, my inspiration, and very very talented. I felt very honored to be a part of it.

So heres a couple shots I wanted to share with you all. The talent behind Enizio, my girls, in a very different light..

Thank you ladies.... I love you both so much!!




Photography by Rebekah Westover
Check out the rest of her loveliness here


Collaborating with Camilla Binks

Camilla approached us about collaborating on a stylized shoot with a bird theme. She had found this giant birdcage and wanted to use it for a shoot. I was excited about it because this is when we get to create looks from a completely different perspective. These shoots are so fun because they challenge the artist in us.
Stephanie created the makeup look for the model and Morgan designed the hair.
I love how these turned out! Check out the rest of the pictures here.


Bully Beatdown aired this week. Be sure to support the show!

Heres a fun picture of one of my favorite days on set. It was the day Mayhem fought so we decided to design Kathleens hair and makeup to resemble Jason in order to show our support.
Mayhem's fight kicks off the season on MTV this year. If you missed it, check it out here!


Happy Halloween!
Check out Abbey's halloween inspired wedding featured on Utah Bride Blog

Makeup by Stephanie
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Heres a sneak peak for a bird inspired shoot we did for Camilla Binks.

Hair by Morgan
Makeup by Stephanie


Were back..

Sorry for the lack of posts! A lot of people have asked me to update this thing..

Besides being crazy busy, a lot of the work we have done has to be kept hush hush since they are add campaigns and spreads that won't even be published until 2012! So can't say much about those.

As far as our brides, Its been crazy busy for a lot of vendors we work with. I know they are trying to stay on top of their edits so i promise as soon as we see some pics go up, I will post our brides for you all to see.

I do have some behind the scene stuff from a recent shoot we did in St. George for the incredibly talented Kristy Rice of Momental Designs. Kristy is infamous for her hand painted custom wedding invitations. She is one talented momma! She hand painted two pairs of shoes for the shoot that turned out so stunning! We got to team up with Tessa of Utah Bride and Groom and my favorite person on this planet, Hilary, of Alta Moda Bridal.

When Hilary approached us about this shoot, I knew we were in for an unforgettable experience so Morgan, Steph and I packed up our bags headed to St. George without hesitation.
The theme for Kristy's shoot was western rugged meets urban romance. Our models, Stephanie and Mason were such a hot couple. The weather was to die for and everything came together so perfect!

These are the shoots that I die for. I love to travel and collaborate with amazing talent. I love working with Stephanie and Morgan who truly are the most talented artists I have had the privilege to work with. Not only do they rock everything they touch, they always go the extra mile and are two of the most fun people I know. These two ladies have become 2 of my greatest friends. I am so lucky to have the honor to work with them.

The shoot consisted of two looks. One engagement, one bridal. We shot the first look at the cutest stinkin store in St. George called Urban Renewal. The second look had a couple different locations but ended on the La Verkin Overlook which was so breathtaking. I can't wait for these pictures to publish. They are going to be amazing!

Thank you to Kristy once again for the opportunity to be a part of this shoot. Heres some behind the scene shots. Sorry your not going to get much of the models until this shoot gets published. But were always fun to look at no?? hahahhaha!

The beautiful sunset on La Verkin Overlook (this was the background for the last look)

Mrs. Kristy Rice in action
Steph at work
How could you not want to work with this crazy girl?

It got very cold towards the end of the night!

This is a major inside joke!

Our Team

Tessa and our models Stephanie and Mason (love this bunch!)

Mason between takes

Morgan was very happy to be in St. George in the sunshine

Steph outside Urban Renewal (I caught her off guard ;)

Heres one of everyone tweeting about the shoot

Me and Steph

Shooting at Urban Renewal

Stephanies Hair: Morgan Clark
Stephanies Makeup: Stephanie Bybee
Mason hair and Makeup: Cynthia Dean
Media Partner: Utah Bride and Groom
Wardrobe: Tessa Woolf
Bridal Gown: Hilary with Alta Moda Bridal
Photography: Jimmy of Gideon Photography
Video Production: Russ Broadhead
Flowers: Angie Jessop of Bloomers
Cake: Pink Peaches
Production: Laura of Forevermore Events
Linens: La Tavola Linens
Concept, Styling and Stationary: Kristy Rice, Momental Designs

Check out Kristy blog post about how everything came together here


2010 Add Campaign for Blend Fashions

Hair and Makeup by Morgan
Photographed by Scott Jarvie of Jarvie Digital


We had the opportunity to be able to prep Holly for her engagements, her bridals and her reception. She had a destination wedding so we didn't get to take part that day.
She was photographed by Scott Jarvie who has become one of my most adored photographers. Here are some highlights from her sessions.
The last picture is from her engagement session, It's one of my all time favorite pictures.

Hair by Morgan
Makeup by Cynthia


Lyndsey Fagerlund Photography
Hair by Cynthia
Makeup by Stephanie

Deb and Dave

Meet Debrah.....

Her and Dave are the cutest couple we've ever met

They love Famous Daves, Don Henley and have a lot of dead animals (well... not personally)

She was going to take us on her honeymoon to the Bahamas but we didn't fit in her luggage. So instead we jammed to The Humpty Dance.

Congratulations to Debrah and Dave! We absolutely loved working with you! Hope you saved us some cake ;)
Photographed by Jessica White
Hair by Cynthia
Makeup by Stephanie