I didn't have the opportunity to meet Megan but Carol and Cassie loved meeting her and also commented on how much they also enjoyed the company of her super cool dad. Its a special occasion that we meet a father at a trial session so it was a neat experience for the girls. Heres Megan before and after photos.


Check out how Alicia's Bridals turned out... 

Gen Wayment Photography


Jason, Marjorie and Alicia's bridals

Today started out with me turning Jason into a Bajoran for the Lieutenant Governor's office commercial they were shooting in SLC whiles Cassie and Carol were transforming Marjorie for her wedding day. Alicia agreed to let us do her hair and guess what? We went up with a headband. Go figure. Thanks for all your input everyone. After 3 tries we settled on this look. Talk about improving a hair piece though. Alicia's headband is actually a black fabric headband wrapped in purple ribbon with a broach pinned to it. Turned out pretty cool. We can do whatever it takes. Then we wrapped the day with a retrial for Jessica S. Heres some pictures... 



With the crazy increase in gas prices Im am sorry to say that Enizio will have to charge a tich more to cover costs. As of June 1st we will have new prices for our bridal packages. If you are planning on getting married and are thinking about booking Enizio for all your hair and makeup needs, hurry and book before June 1st to avoid paying the higher price. 

On a lighter note here is yours truly, (my favorite hairdresser of all time) Johny Lavoy, bringing you a lovely way to style with extensions. Enjoy.. 


Alicias Hair

Ok so obviously we are getting our trashed kicked here for our opinion on Alicia's hair. I just want to clear up that if she wore it down it obviously would not look like the picture. Mind you thats just us pulling it down for the after picture. Seriously people come on!!!!!! She looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good with her hair down. Can I get some love here???



Its people like Alicia that make me want to work all day everyday because when your with people like her its not "work" its having a blast. Here are her before and after pictures. The difference in these two photos other than the obvious (her hair) is the lip color. But we do want to take a poll and see what you think. Should Alicia wear her hair back or down for her wedding. Cast your vote! Enizio thinks down ~ Alicia thinks up ~ What do you think?? We were not hired to do her hair but that hasn't stopped us from giving our opinion!


Here is the beautiful Jessica W. She refuses to have makeup on her wedding day so we came on for hair. Carol designed and worked hard to get it to where it ended and I must say I was pretty impressed!


before and after

click the picture to make it larger





Enizio will be out of the office from friday May 9 to May 12th. If you need to book an appointment you can leave a message on our answering machine or email us at info@enizio.com and we will be in touch with you as soon as we are back in town. 


Not only is Sam beautiful shes so freaking nice. Super great host. Lovely home, family and just great all around. Heres her trial before and afters. 


Shoot with Beckstead Workshop (April 21 & 22)

Enizio had the honor to be invited to "Shoot with Beckstead" a workshop hosted by our friends Tim and Heidi Uhl of Retrospects Studios. Why is this such a big deal?? Well David Beckstead was named top ten photographers so to have him photograph our work is a big deal. Not only that but the attendees of the workshop... Utah's finest photographers which included the best of the best starting with the hosts Tim and Heidi, Pepper Nix, Pamela Belangdal and Ritchie Espenilla of Ritrato photography , Logan Walker, Julie Parker, Jason Lee, Ryan Galbraith, Kevin Spencer,and so many others. 
Alta Moda Bridal provided the beautiful gowns and once again, It was an absolute blast to work with Hillary and Justin. Getting to know Hillary you just can't help but love her. She's amazing and her gowns are breathtaking. 
I posted pictures on our site that obviously display hair and makeup but there was so much good photography that I wanted to share some here on our blog.  
The video was provided by my new found favorite videographer David Perry. He is AMAZING to say the least. 
Overall it was such a positive, wonderful experience and it was truly our pleasure to be a part of it. Thanks again Tim and Heidi!!! We love you guys!


Heres some more of the professional photos from Kevin's Shoot. There is a couple on our site now but I didn't want to over post so heres a couple more. Jared is an amazing photographer. Too bad he's not local!



Thanks to everyone who came out to support Enizio out at the 101.9 party. We had a lot of fun doing make overs. Thanks to all the girls who came by. We had a list of over 30 people and were not able to get to everyone. We apologize to those who were not able to receive our services. Heres some pictures from the day. Thanks to Kerli and her band for letting us do hair and makeup for their show. She was amazing and very touched by her Utah fans. It was an emotional moment. Thanks to Brian of 101.9 for setting up the promo and all the shout outs from our new friend Parker.


This is the absolutely beautiful Miranda. These pictures do not even begin to give justice to her and how beautiful she looked.
Mind you these pictures were also taken at 6 am this morning. The thing I love most about Miranda is that she is so non traditional. She is wearing an absolutely beautiful red wedding dress which looks stunning on her. When she emailed her picture over to me prior to her trial, my daughter Eliana had to comment on how pretty she was and then was like he's( her fiance) is pretty too. They are such a cute couple. We had a blast this morning at her bridal sitting. She was an amazing host. We can hardly wait to get our hands on her professional photography!! Thanks Miranda for letting us have the honor of working with you!!