Jason, Marjorie and Alicia's bridals

Today started out with me turning Jason into a Bajoran for the Lieutenant Governor's office commercial they were shooting in SLC whiles Cassie and Carol were transforming Marjorie for her wedding day. Alicia agreed to let us do her hair and guess what? We went up with a headband. Go figure. Thanks for all your input everyone. After 3 tries we settled on this look. Talk about improving a hair piece though. Alicia's headband is actually a black fabric headband wrapped in purple ribbon with a broach pinned to it. Turned out pretty cool. We can do whatever it takes. Then we wrapped the day with a retrial for Jessica S. Heres some pictures... 


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Dustin Izatt said...

You have some real talent there, everything is beautiful! It makes me want to have my makeup done! I may have to call you one day!

-Tiffany Izatt