How to get that “Just got my hair done" blowout

You just had your hair blown out; its voluminous, its sleek, it looks awesome. Then you wonder if you will be able to recreate it yourself? Here are some tips I have found helpful to achieve the round brush blowout.

1. Know your hair texture! Depending on your hair texture will determine what type of brush you will use whether it be a boar bristle, or a synthetic bristle. If you have a thick course texture that is either curly or frizzy a boar bristle brush would be your best bet to use. The boar bristles help to pull the curl out of the hair and smooth out frizz while still adding body and curl to the hair. If you have a normal to finer texture of hair with not much curl or frizz a synthetic bristle brush would be your best bet. Usually the synthetic bristle brushes have a metal center that allows the brush to heat up when using the blow-dryer. This will help create volume and curl in the hair.

P.S. Try and use brushes that are vented. This will help speed up the drying process and be less damaging to the hair.

2. Get the moisture out! This is a golden rule. The worst thing you could possibly do is put a brush into soaking wet hair. First of all it will take forever to dry. Second of all you will burn out so quickly because your arm hurts you wont want to finish. So remember before you start you want your hair to be about 80 percent dry. Whether you let it air dry, or run the blow-dryer through it for a few minutes, I promise your blow dry process will be a much better experience. Also much quicker!

3. Section it out! I find that my hair looks so much better when I take the time to section it and work with smaller sections. This will also help so you don’t get lost in your own hair. Make sure your sections aren’t to big. A good way to gage this is to look at the size of brush you are using; your sections should either be about the size of the barrel of the brush or smaller. This will help to work through the sections and keep the hair on the brush. Blow-dry the bottom first and work up to the top.

Time for the Nitty Gritty!

4. When you put the bush into your hair you want to focus on the hair on the brush. Make sure you are really getting the hair on the brush and using as mush tension as you can. This is what is going to give you the really smooth frizz free hair. When drying make sure the air flow from the dryer is blowing down the cuticle of the hair (roots to ends) if its blowing up the cuticle you will get frizz. One more thing… don’t ever stop drying a section till it is 100 percent dry. Otherwise your efforts will be for nothing and you will have limp, lifeless, frizzy hair.

5. How to get curl. Again I repeat; with the hair that is on the brush make sure you are getting good tension. Once the hair is smooth and dry in your section keep working the hair with the round brush and getting it warm. Carefully role the hair in the brush and blast it with heat. Once it’s hot, blast it with the cool air using your cold setting. The heat will help mold the hair into place, and the cooler air will help set the hair in place. When removing the round brush, twist the handle with your fingers when pulling it out to create a soft curl. Try not to touch it till the hair has cooled off 100 percent to make sure the curl sets.

P.S. If you have very long hair don’t role the brush all the way to the root, role it about to the middle of the strand to avoid getting the brush caught in the hair. Don’t want that to happen!

6. VOLUME!! I have found with working with my clients they have the tendency to pull the hair flat to the head when drying. Mostly because it is hard to maneuver a brush and heavy blow-dryer above your head. However, you have to get that hair off the scalp. When you reach the top half of your head you will want to do something called “over directing.” Over directing is when the hair is pulled away from where it naturally falls. When it is pulled up and away or in the opposite direction of where it lays you should have nice volume when it is placed back to where it lays. For example, When blow-drying around the temples use the brush to direct the hair straight up. When blow-drying around your part, over direct hair as far as you can to either side of the head. Example, when your drying the right side of your part pull that hair in the brush all the way to the left side of your head, and vice versa. When blow drying the crown and the hair behind the part, pull the brush with the hair towards the forehead. I know its difficult to get used to but you will get volume and possibly a great arm workout. Combine steps 5 and 6, and you should have something like big sexy hair!

Tools are important. A professional blow-dryer will give you better results., and will also be less damaging to the hair. A good place to buy dryers and brushes would be any beauty supply such as Sally’s or Peerless.

Love Morgan



Photographed by: Opie Photo
H/MU by: Cynthia
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Blue Lemon for your bridal shower

The Enizio Team is huge fans of Blue Lemon. The food is great, the resturant is gorgeous and the owners rock!
They just recently posted this on their blog and I thought it was a brilliant idea we wanted to pass onto our brides and brides to be and friends of brides, well everyone!
Check it out.....


Summer and Fall are busy times when it comes to weddings. Instead of stressing about a bridal shower, let Blue Lemon take care of it for you. One idea... a private Bridal Shower Cooking Class! We will help you design a fabulous and tasty menu for the bride and guests, and Chef Tyson will teach you how to make it. The best part is you get to eat everything at the end! Not only does the bride walk away with a load of gifts, her and her guests learn how to make a great meal husbands and house guests will be sure to love! Contact Jen at (801) 472-7041 for more information.

Here one shower we did recently. We served Raspberry Chicken Salad, Pear and Gorgonzola Spinach Salad, Rolls with Butter, Fruit Tray with Tyson's Famous Dip, Cheese and Cracker Tray, Blue Lemon Bites, MINI Cupcakes, Our yummy Raspberry Blue Sky Soda.




Guest Blogger - The Fabulous Codilyn Beck - Makeup Artist

For todays post I am happy to share with you a great makeup artist friend that I have. Her name is Codilynn and she's been in the makeup industry for over 5 years. She is currently working in Arkansas as a freelance makeup artist specializing in beauty makeup.
She's a close friend of mine with a wealth of information. So read up!

Hey ladies!

My name is Codilyn, I am a freelance makeup artist, and am lucky enough to consider myself a good friend of the lovely Cynthia! When Cynthia asked me to write a few things for her blog is was flattered and thrilled!

One of the things I love the most about being a makeup artist is showing women how to enhance their true beauty with just a little bit of makeup. I love the difference in their countenance and attitudes when they realize just how beautiful they truly are.

While working with a client recently she asked me a few questions that I thought might be perfect for sharing on the blog.

*Question #1: When my mascara or other products are starting to dry out, can't I just add some water to them?
My response: Let me ask you this... if your milk was starting to curdle, would you simply add water to it to make it like it was before? Hopefully not. When makeup starts to change in texture, color, or smell it's time to thank them for all they did and say your goodbyes at the garbage can.

*Question #2: My sister told me if there is only one thing that you can put on in the morning make sure it's your foundation. Is that true?
My response: Although I agree that foundation is a fabulous product, if you're leaving the house with only that you're basically leaving the house a blank canvas. Blank and lifeless. If you really only have a few seconds in your day I suggest you focus on three different areas...
#1- Eyes. If you can only do one thing, apply mascara. It will help you look awake and make them more open.
#2- Cheeks. Applying color to the cheeks (even if it's just the apples) will brighten the face and give you a glow.
#3- Lips. Adding some color to the lips will complete your basic look and give you the appearance of being pulled together. You can even use a lip stain on both your lips and cheeks, when time is really, really not on your side.

*Question #3: I've heard that green concealers are the only way to cover up red blemishes?
My response: Although it is true that the green does counteract with the red diminishing it (consult your color wheel ladies), you must be very careful when using green concealers because if too much is used it can tend to look unnatural when covered with foundation, and when placed in areas that don't have redness can tend to look grayish. A better solution is to find a concealer that has a yellow base to counteract the redness. Also, to keep it looking natural, and to keep the concealer in place, be sure to place the concealer on after you have applied your foundation. You also will use less product that way.

I hope these little tips and tricks will be informative and helpful to all you lovely ladies out there, and if you're ever in Arkansas and needing a makeup artist, give me a call! While you're in Utah however... consider yourself extremely lucky that you have the fabulous Cynthia at your disposal!!

Codilynn Beck


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Photographed by Rebekah Westover
Hair by Stephanie
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Out of the Dust

Morgan and I recently had the opportunity to assist Laurie in an upcoming feature film called "Out of the Dust" directed by Christian Vuissa.
Its a film that will take you into the life of LDS prophet Joseph Smith.
On the days we came to assist, they filmed at This is the Place in Salt Lake City.
If you are familiar with This is the Place, you know that it is the home to the most haunted house in the state of Utah. You can only imagine how much fun we had with that considering our shoots went from 5pm to 5am.
We had a couple really creepy experiences on set with the "ghosts" who supposedly haunt this place.
The last night we filmed we got finished early so Laurie gave us the go ahead to take off. It was about 1am. Morgan was parked in front of Brighams house about a mile south of where we were filming. The park was closed and the only people there was the crew but everyone was on set.
As I was dropping Morgan off at her car, I looked at the house that was directly behind her (the one claiming to be the most haunted) and saw a person pacing in front of the house. I screamed so loud then Morgan, not even knowing what was going on, starts screaming too. We both got in our cars and peeled out of there so fast. The front gates were locked so we couldn't get out! I was so freaking scared out of my mind! We finally were able to get out of there and the next day when Laurie shared the story with the workers, they mentioned its not uncommon to see a lady who paces in front of the house. I was floored!
We had lots of other fun experiences that creeped us out. Serves us right to download a ghost radar app to our phones. Dustin ( the lead actor) had a lot of fun scaring us with that. It was such a great experience. I love all nighters. I love working with Laurie. We always have so much fun.
Heres some pictures from set with some of the hairdos we did and of the cast and crew.