Out of the Dust

Morgan and I recently had the opportunity to assist Laurie in an upcoming feature film called "Out of the Dust" directed by Christian Vuissa.
Its a film that will take you into the life of LDS prophet Joseph Smith.
On the days we came to assist, they filmed at This is the Place in Salt Lake City.
If you are familiar with This is the Place, you know that it is the home to the most haunted house in the state of Utah. You can only imagine how much fun we had with that considering our shoots went from 5pm to 5am.
We had a couple really creepy experiences on set with the "ghosts" who supposedly haunt this place.
The last night we filmed we got finished early so Laurie gave us the go ahead to take off. It was about 1am. Morgan was parked in front of Brighams house about a mile south of where we were filming. The park was closed and the only people there was the crew but everyone was on set.
As I was dropping Morgan off at her car, I looked at the house that was directly behind her (the one claiming to be the most haunted) and saw a person pacing in front of the house. I screamed so loud then Morgan, not even knowing what was going on, starts screaming too. We both got in our cars and peeled out of there so fast. The front gates were locked so we couldn't get out! I was so freaking scared out of my mind! We finally were able to get out of there and the next day when Laurie shared the story with the workers, they mentioned its not uncommon to see a lady who paces in front of the house. I was floored!
We had lots of other fun experiences that creeped us out. Serves us right to download a ghost radar app to our phones. Dustin ( the lead actor) had a lot of fun scaring us with that. It was such a great experience. I love all nighters. I love working with Laurie. We always have so much fun.
Heres some pictures from set with some of the hairdos we did and of the cast and crew.

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