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For todays post I am happy to share with you a great makeup artist friend that I have. Her name is Codilynn and she's been in the makeup industry for over 5 years. She is currently working in Arkansas as a freelance makeup artist specializing in beauty makeup.
She's a close friend of mine with a wealth of information. So read up!

Hey ladies!

My name is Codilyn, I am a freelance makeup artist, and am lucky enough to consider myself a good friend of the lovely Cynthia! When Cynthia asked me to write a few things for her blog is was flattered and thrilled!

One of the things I love the most about being a makeup artist is showing women how to enhance their true beauty with just a little bit of makeup. I love the difference in their countenance and attitudes when they realize just how beautiful they truly are.

While working with a client recently she asked me a few questions that I thought might be perfect for sharing on the blog.

*Question #1: When my mascara or other products are starting to dry out, can't I just add some water to them?
My response: Let me ask you this... if your milk was starting to curdle, would you simply add water to it to make it like it was before? Hopefully not. When makeup starts to change in texture, color, or smell it's time to thank them for all they did and say your goodbyes at the garbage can.

*Question #2: My sister told me if there is only one thing that you can put on in the morning make sure it's your foundation. Is that true?
My response: Although I agree that foundation is a fabulous product, if you're leaving the house with only that you're basically leaving the house a blank canvas. Blank and lifeless. If you really only have a few seconds in your day I suggest you focus on three different areas...
#1- Eyes. If you can only do one thing, apply mascara. It will help you look awake and make them more open.
#2- Cheeks. Applying color to the cheeks (even if it's just the apples) will brighten the face and give you a glow.
#3- Lips. Adding some color to the lips will complete your basic look and give you the appearance of being pulled together. You can even use a lip stain on both your lips and cheeks, when time is really, really not on your side.

*Question #3: I've heard that green concealers are the only way to cover up red blemishes?
My response: Although it is true that the green does counteract with the red diminishing it (consult your color wheel ladies), you must be very careful when using green concealers because if too much is used it can tend to look unnatural when covered with foundation, and when placed in areas that don't have redness can tend to look grayish. A better solution is to find a concealer that has a yellow base to counteract the redness. Also, to keep it looking natural, and to keep the concealer in place, be sure to place the concealer on after you have applied your foundation. You also will use less product that way.

I hope these little tips and tricks will be informative and helpful to all you lovely ladies out there, and if you're ever in Arkansas and needing a makeup artist, give me a call! While you're in Utah however... consider yourself extremely lucky that you have the fabulous Cynthia at your disposal!!

Codilynn Beck

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