Heres to a great year~

As the year comes to an end today, we can't help but thank all the people who made this year a great one. We ended on a great note and had the most successful year yet. We met some great vendors, mingled at some great parties and of course shot some of our best work yet. But most of all, we had the opportunity to be a part of over 200 wedding sessions this year. Cheers! Heres to our brides of 2008!
We are excited for what the upcoming year has in store for Enizio with the opening of our new studio. We are excited for the 6 new artists who joined our team just recently.
We feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to do all that we did & the chance to have met so many wonderful people.
We wish each and everyone of you a very successful 2009 filled with so much happiness.
Team Enizio


Sneak peak for Studio Enizio site.

We recently had the opportunity to shoot with the amazing Heidi Uhl once again. This time for our up and coming studio website. I had the opportunity to do a mini makeover on Rachel. We met at a photo shoot a couple of weeks before and I couldn't pass up this beautiful face. Heres a shot with my camera that I took while Heidi worked her magic. You'll get to see the pro photos come Jan. when we launch our site. Thanks Rachel!




She is the amazement behind the beautiful lighting at the salon. Bree was my light rep and we had the opportunity to be a part of her wedding. Thanks Bree for letting us come out and also for all the beautiful lights at Studio Enizio! 






Basically Im slacking in updating this blog, my life is currently consumed by the studio. I apologize for not being better about documenting our work. However here is a cool shoot that we currently did with Heidi Uhl of Retrospect Studios. I did the hair and Carol the makeup. In the photo you see our newest on-site member Stephanie and of course the legendary Carol. I think we can all agree that Heidi has done it yet again. Amazing....
We also just wrapped another shoot with Heidi for the Studio website which we hope to launch sometime in December. It was awesome and when i get some images, ill give you a sneak peak. Every artist took their model a different direction and we were able to get some pretty amazing stuff. Thanks to Heidi for her fab work and for staying up so late for us. Sorry Tim!!


I realize after looking back at my post from yesterday, that most people probobly aren't going to know what it was i was trying to say, specially when my husband saw it and was like "what is this?" So here is my long explination of the next event being held at Studio Enizio.

One of the biggest challanges we face as makeup artists is the pallette we work on known to you as the skin on your face. It does not matter how great of makeup you use, how well the application is, if your face is dry, peeling, patchy, irritated, or broken out, the application will never look as good as it could if the skin was in better condition. Because we live in a dry climate, we see excessive dry and oily skin. Most people think their skin is oily and try to use products to control the oil when in reality their skin is producing more oil because it is so dry and yet we continue to dry it out.

Now, we don't claim to be estheticians by any means but we do always recomend that the client get on board with a good skin care regimen. I have searched the world over to find something that is good for my skin and i don't mean that it does its job temporarily while causing cancer in the future because you would be surpriced at the crap thats out on the market.

I have had the opportunity to work with celebrity makeup artist Laurie Vukich. Just recently she discovered this amazing product and I have chosen to bring it as retail into Studio Enizio. I saw first hand what it did for Laurie alone. Its pretty amazing.
Team Enizio is constantly on the look out for the best products to bring back to our clients. Products that will show you instantly why they are amazing. Hence the reason we brought in Kerastase and why were bringing in Trivani.

Anyway, before i make a novel out of this post, heres what were doing to introduce this amazing product to you.
Were bringing in Laurie Vuckich in house on November 25th. We are only oppening up 8 spots for the chance to sit down with her and suck her dry of all her experience in the field and how to make your skin flawless in preparation for great makeup. You will even get some great makeup tips from her. $25.oo reserves your spot and goes towards product purchase at the end of the night. You don't want to miss out. Laurie has worked with celebrities such a Katie Holmes, Tony Danza, Toby Keith and the list goes on and on. For those of you who have seen the movie Joseph a prophet of the restoration, she was the master mind behind that recreation. Bottom line, its a once in a lifetime experience!
So call Studio Enizio and reserve your seat with celebrity makeup artist Laurie Vukich. You don't want to miss it. 801.341.5041


you can call the studio to reserve your seat! 801.341.5041


It Only Happens Once A Year.

Alta Moda Bridal is having their annual gown sale on Saturday, December 6th. What’s the big deal? Alta Moda has but one sale a year, this is it. It’s not just any sale, as more than 40+ gowns are marked down 50-80% and remember, it’s one day only.
Haute couture gowns from top designers are featured in the sale, including: Monique Lhuillier, Anne Barge, Atelier Aimee, Justina McCaffrey, Amy Michelson, Melissa Sweet, Augusta Jones and Alvina Valenta.
1. This event is a hit every year as savings can literally be in the thousands.
2. If you want to guarantee your chance to try on gowns, make an appointment by calling 801-531-1215.
3. Appointments will book VERY quickly, calling sooner is advisable.
4. There will be more than 40+ gowns marked 50-80% off.
Alta Moda is Utah’s only boutique selling true high-fashion bridal from the industry’s top designers. With the December 6th sales event, your magazine cover gown just might be within reach.






ENIZIO joins Bride Access

Team Enizio has now joined the Bride Access site. You can find us in the Health and Beauty section! We are also now the hair and makeup team behind the talent for their television show for the year 2009! Photography curtesy of Heidi from Retrospect Studios.


We are excited to announce the Grand Opening of STUDIO ENIZIO- OCT. 25 2008.
You can start reserving your sessions on the 20th. Joining the Studio Enizio team are Jocelynn Brown, Allie Shortt, Stephanie Bybee and Myndy Wadsworth. Become a fan on FACEBOOK and get the latest on the construction including pictures!


Another poor morning lighting situation. Since it waas 6:30 am there was no natural light but I was able to capture her after picture after sunrise. Ashley is getting married in Hawaii (i offered to go free of charge!) She asked us to help her with makeup since her makeup artist had to cancel last minute. 

What a sweetheart!! Wendy was married yesterday and she looked so beautyful. Dispite the poor lighting situation, I still managed to get a picture. Thanks to Ritrato for the referral, It was awesome to work with them yesterday!!!!


Forever Strong

Its exciting to see a movie you worked on go to the big screen. Macy and I had the opportunity to work on this show. Macy was on the full run and I came on for a week. It was a blast. Everyone check it out, in theaters this month!!!


I had the opportunity to team up with Kevin Burdick again this weekend for his upcoming video Wake me Alive, a beautiful song about waking up and living life. Kevin chose to be placed in a coma for the morning shoot and that evening, Kevin rocked out. It was a really great experience and I look forward to seeing the video and working with Kevin again in the future.

Photos curtsey of Drew Tyler - Super Heumann Prod. LLC


Check it out HERE



Acne comes and goes but it seems to always find its way back in the worst occasion - like your wedding day!! The closer to your wedding the more it shows up! Don't worry you're normal. Here are a few tips to control what you can and make sure you have the best skin possible for your wedding day~
  • Get on good cleanser and moisturizer months before your wedding. If you can find something that works great for you early on, you will have the upper hand in controlling your skin.
  •  EXFOLIATE !!! Exfoliating is a must!! Our skin dies in layers so if you want the smoothest skin possible you have to get under all that dead skin. Concentrate on the T-Zone and around the corners of your nose.
  • Break the habit of touching your face! our hands are probably the dirtiest part of our body and trust me when i say you don't want to know what lies beneath your nails. Its dirty, nasty, and full of germs!! Touching your face often results in breakouts.

If your prone to have some white heads on your face, do not extract them yourself. Get it done by someone who knows what they are doing. An Esthetician is someone who actually studies and goes to school to learn the proper way to extract acne without causing damage to your face. They are trained to do the work without scarring the face or breaking the capillaries. Leave it to a professional! Make sure if you schedule a facial it is at least 2 weeks before your event. Sometimes facials cause breakouts because your skin is cleansing itself so 2 weeks gives time for that to pass as well as gives your skin time to heal.

One of the biggest challenges i run into as a make up artist is showing up on wedding day to do the bride and having to try and cover acne that has been picked at. If you haven't noticed yet, it scares. Unfortunately make up does not stick to scares so it makes creating a flawless look near impossible.

If your having problematic skin call a professional! We recommend The Laser Institue at Dry Creek. All treatments are done under the direction of Dr. Sharp. Because you are going into a Dr.'s office you can be guaranteed your getting legit services!

Best of wishes on your wedding day!





Carrie is a good friend of Macy. This week she was married! Congrats!!! She was photographed by Gallery Photo, check out how her professional photo turned out. I had to put it up because i think its really great! The before and afters are from the wedding day session, the pro photo is from her bridal session.

Hair by Cassie and makeup by Carol, I didn't have a chance to meet Maya. But the girls did a great job! Here are her trial pictures..


This girl right here and her awesome mom, are the reason I love my job so much! We can all agree that this picture is not the best but i have to give a visual of Jordan (this is all I took. i was having too much fun to remember a before and after). She is so gorgeous and by far the most fun session for me. I flew solo on this one since were only on for makeup. Jordan is a flight attendant marrying a pilot. Is that not the cutest thing? and her mom...the best!! 

Check out Hannah's engagement  session Cassie and Carol prepped here. Photographed by the amazing Rebekah Westover. 
Heres her bridal session pictures with us. Check out how the professional ones turned out here
She's so gorgeous!


We have had the opportunity to work with Rebekah Westover on several weddings but would you believe that I still have not personally met her? Crazy I know. 
Today I was checking out her blog when I came across one of her posts that shared that one of her weddings had been featured on theknot.com. It was a great moment for me because it just so happen to be a wedding we worked and not only that it was the first wedding the whole team did together. (I actually think it was Cassies first job with Enizio!)  The party was large enough to require all four of us to come out on the wedding day. Not to mention it was by far one of our most influential brides yet and one of my personal favorites. 
Congrats to Kathy who was featured and also because in about 3 weeks will be celebrating her 1 year anniversary (sept 8th). Thank you for allowing us the honor to be a part of your big day! 
Rebekah did a fab job on the photography. If it wasn't for Rebekah i may have never of known Kathy had been featured. So cool!!! Thanks!! 


With Edward the vampire. Uhh Carol loves Edward!

Last night we had the chance to be a part of the Breaking dawn release party at Barnes and Noble. We were there giving vampire glow and bites to help celebrate the new book. 
I have yet to read the books so you can imagine my surprise when I saw the insane amount of people who turned out for this event and mind you we were one of like 50 stores who was releasing the book. It was a lot of fun to hang with all the fans and spread the word about Enizio. Thanks for all the people that stopped by and said Hi!

It was a good time, If you don't believe me check out the guy in the background!

Heres Parker, Dallan and Carol picking a winner for our give away, a gift certificate to our up and coming salon. Congrats to our winner!

and look who we ran into......KRISTINA!!!! love her!!



Breaking Dawn  by Stephenie Meyer - The release party at Barns and Noble in Sugarhouse

Join us Aug 1 2008 at the Barns and Noble in Sugarhouse from 9:00 to 11:00 pm to celebrate the release of Breaking Dawn. We will be there doing mini makeup demos, giving you vampire glitter and celebrating with all the big fans. I personally have not read the books but I have heard all about them. Cassie on the other hand.....a huge fan! (please don't think less of her! JK. I tease her about it all the time!)
So join in the fun. We will be giving away a $50.00 gift certificate for our up and coming salon!

Don't miss out on the fun! 

1104 E 2100 S SALT LAKE CITY UT 


makeup by Enizio. 



Maren is Carol's childhood friend. Just recently they were reunited after many years! She brought Carol on to do her hair and makeup for her wedding. It was a great reunion for the both and I think we can all agree she looks absolutely beautiful! Love the lip color!


Hooray we actually brought our camera! Hair by Cassie, makeup by Carol :)


This is Lindsey. Her family owns the most amazing boutique in the Riverwoods called Kaleidoscope. Their stuff is to die for! Lindsey is one of Alta Moda's brides and when Hilary contacted me to see if we could help Lindsey out of course I jumped on that so quick because its not everyday you get an opportunity to go all retro glam. 
Lindsey wanted us to recreate the Roxy Hart's hair do from Chicago. Im not going to lie I was a bit nervous on how I was going to set a finger wave on location without a dryer. 
Since we are onsite we have to find alternatives to a lot of things and luckily we were able to crack down on it and in a matter of 2 hours which is about 30 minutes more than we normally spend with brides. Not too bad.  Lindsey was so so sweet constantly thanking us for being there. She was AMAZING to work with to say the least and I am so excited to be able to do it all over again come wedding day. (professional photo courtesy of Justin Hackworth Photography, photo below courtesy of my trusty phone). 



Most people dont know this but Carol and I are sisters. 7 years ago Carol talked me out of studying Interior Design to study hair design. We went to school together at Dallas Roberts under the direction of the amazing Larry Curtis, Carol was just 15 at the time. Since then we have defenately stuck together in our carrer choices. We worked together at Mark Anthony Salon and in 2006 when Carol moved back to Utah from Florida, we started Enizio together. Carol and I are very different in our artistic styles. Shes extremely talented in the sense that she just gets it. Its all in her eye. Where I am a more technical person. My skills while they are a gift from God, I don't deny that its a learned skill. Because of our extreme differences we make a preatty decent team. Being able to give oppinions from two different aspects. Looking at something we have created and seeing it from two completely different points of view. Its been a lot of fun and I am happy for the success.
It has always been our dream to open a salon together. Its something that we have worked hard to accomplish and now we can finally say, along with Cassie and Macy, that Enizio On-site Hair and Makeup Artistry is expanding.

Studio Enizio will be a salon dedicated solely to the Art of Hair and Makeup. A high end salon that will be located just east of Thanksgiving Point between Lehi and Highland. Studio Enizio is scheduled to open this fall.
We are now looking to hire hair designers and makeup artists.
 If you think you have what it takes to take on this project, we would love to meet you! Please send your resumes to info@enizio.com or to cynthia@enizio.com.
We break ground this friday! This is a huge step forward for our little business. We are happy to be able to share it with you. 
If you have any suggestions for our Salon, please feel free to comment. Tell us what you love and what you hate about salons today so we can work hard to give you a unique experience. 
Thank you to all our family,  friends, and clients that have made this experience possible for us. And of course mostly to our God who has given us this talent.





Enizio had the opportunity to be a part of a photo shoot for Zermatt Resort. Shot by our friends Tim and Heidi Uhl, I think we can all agree that truly their work is "delicious". Carol was the artist behind her amazing hair and Macy for her makeup. Thanks to Hilary for setting up the opportunity for us to be there. Of course that gown... from Alta Moda. Gorgeous!!!