I realize after looking back at my post from yesterday, that most people probobly aren't going to know what it was i was trying to say, specially when my husband saw it and was like "what is this?" So here is my long explination of the next event being held at Studio Enizio.

One of the biggest challanges we face as makeup artists is the pallette we work on known to you as the skin on your face. It does not matter how great of makeup you use, how well the application is, if your face is dry, peeling, patchy, irritated, or broken out, the application will never look as good as it could if the skin was in better condition. Because we live in a dry climate, we see excessive dry and oily skin. Most people think their skin is oily and try to use products to control the oil when in reality their skin is producing more oil because it is so dry and yet we continue to dry it out.

Now, we don't claim to be estheticians by any means but we do always recomend that the client get on board with a good skin care regimen. I have searched the world over to find something that is good for my skin and i don't mean that it does its job temporarily while causing cancer in the future because you would be surpriced at the crap thats out on the market.

I have had the opportunity to work with celebrity makeup artist Laurie Vukich. Just recently she discovered this amazing product and I have chosen to bring it as retail into Studio Enizio. I saw first hand what it did for Laurie alone. Its pretty amazing.
Team Enizio is constantly on the look out for the best products to bring back to our clients. Products that will show you instantly why they are amazing. Hence the reason we brought in Kerastase and why were bringing in Trivani.

Anyway, before i make a novel out of this post, heres what were doing to introduce this amazing product to you.
Were bringing in Laurie Vuckich in house on November 25th. We are only oppening up 8 spots for the chance to sit down with her and suck her dry of all her experience in the field and how to make your skin flawless in preparation for great makeup. You will even get some great makeup tips from her. $25.oo reserves your spot and goes towards product purchase at the end of the night. You don't want to miss out. Laurie has worked with celebrities such a Katie Holmes, Tony Danza, Toby Keith and the list goes on and on. For those of you who have seen the movie Joseph a prophet of the restoration, she was the master mind behind that recreation. Bottom line, its a once in a lifetime experience!
So call Studio Enizio and reserve your seat with celebrity makeup artist Laurie Vukich. You don't want to miss it. 801.341.5041

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