Mask of Redemption, Vampired, Carissa and a photoshoot for Branches Floral Design

I was back on the set of Mask of Redemption with Tiffany these last two weeks. Laurie moved to Portland :( so I had the chance to come out and assist Tiffany. What a crazy fun show this was. I learned so much, specially what not to do on a synthetic wig.
Heres the deal with the wig....
Lauren Holly was the leading actress in this show. Due to some horse mishaps from previous shots, they needed to use a double in one of the scenes that would involve the horse for the safety of Ms. Holly. So it was called upon me to recreate a wig that her double would use. Because of the low budget of the film, I got a synthetic wig to work with. Not our preference but whatever I went straight to work. I spent a good 10 hours trying to put curl into that wig but the wig would not have it. (if your my friend on facebook you now know what the "cynthia vs the wig" post was all about).
Well, after about 10 hours, I finally got it to work but unfortunately within 15 min of pulling out the set that was in it, the weight of the hair pulled most of the curl out. I could re-set the wig but they would have to get the shot within 15 minutes of placing the wig on the double. Not happening! Well, just as we were about to give up, call it good and wrap for the evening, Tiffany pulls out another wig that has curl already in it and after much thought, once again, I went straight to work. I hand painted the wig and tried to pull as much curl out of it to make it look nappy to match Lauren's hair. Im not going to even be polite but after about 2 hours, that wig looked good. Of course, as fate would have it, the director decided to pull the horse out of the shot and used Lauren instead of a double and... I have yet to burn the wig.

Here's Morgan, Tiff and of course me wearing the wig :) I had to get some use out of it!

I met a lot of great people and of course having the chance to meet and work with Lauren Holly was amazing. She is the nicest, most kind, sweet and caring person I have met and worked with.
I had the chance to reconnect with some very talented hairdressers on this show who rocked the 100+ extras we had to work with!
The Producer said that this was the best looking set of extras they had seen in any western movie.
Tiffany was amazing to work with and over all it was a really great experience.
Heres a shot of one of the sets for a boxing scene, those are some of the extras we all styled in the background.
Tiffany got some really awesome behind the scenes with Lauren. Ill be sure to link it to her site once she's got it up for you guys to see. Its hilarious. You will fall in love with Lauren Holly when you see it.

Mark decided to extend his short film so I had the chance to go back for a second set of Vampired. He added some scenes and took the film a different direction. I was laughing my head off. The cast, the crew and even Mark was so funny on this show. I had a BLAST! Definitely one of the most fun film shoots I've done.
Heres a couple pictures of our Vampires..

As for the brides we have been doing, I have been taking pictures but leave it to me to misplace the cord that lets me download them to the computer. So heres a shot of Carissa off my phone. For me, this is the hottest vintage hair to date I've done. I love the design she wanted, and I love the way it turned out. Stephanie rocked her makeup. You can't see the intricacy of it in these photos but it was gorgeous. She used pinks and golds that made Carissa look fab.
You can check the rest of her pictures on Scott Jarvie's website who btw did an amazing job. Theres so many talented vendors in UT!

Speaking of talent, I just met Amanda owner of Branches. She's a flower designer joining the Utah wedding scene. She contacted me about collaborating on a photoshoot and of course, I never skip out on an opportunity to collaborate with talented people. Her model (who had never modeled before) was SO beautiful. She and I learned that we had something very dear in common. If she ever reads this, THANK YOU for loving your job. Its people like you that bring hope and comfort and ease a lot of stress for people like me. I appreciate and love you for it. Thank's for letting me get crazy with you!
Check out some of the pictures here. They are worth seeing. I can't wait to see more. Thank you Amanda for allowing me to take part in this shoot.

As soon as I find that cord, Ill get some before and afters up for you guys. Until then, thanks for visiting our blog. We appreciate you!



Photographed by Swensen Photography. Check out the rest of this hot session here.


We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Ashley. She is the epitome of kindness, beauty and charm all rolled into one. Her family was so nice I wanted to die! Check out the rest of her bridals here. We are excited to get to work with her sister this next month!
Thank you to Ashley and her family!


Kelly for Opie Photo

Another fabulous shoot prepped for Opie Photo. Love this one to pieces. Check out the rest of the segment here.


Featured on Melissa Kelsey's Blog

If you know Melissa Kelsey, then you know she is artistically outstanding. That is why it was such a pleasure to have her and her camera in our studio a couple weeks back.
Melissa did a feature on our studio but you will have to go to her website here to see the what she had to say! Be sure to leave a comment so we know who stopped by :)
Melissa - You are awesome. Thank you so much for the honor. You are absolutely lovely!