What is Diversion?

When Professional Products are sold in unauthorized retailers - Think Bumble and Bumble at Target, Paul Mitchell at Alberston's, Kerastase at Nordstrom's, etc. Professional products are only to be sold at authorized salons.

Why is Diversion bad?

Diverted products can be counterfeit, diluted formulas, or old, expired formulas that may not be safe to use. Meaning your getting watered down shampoos and conditioners, styling products that are expired or better yet, Suave in a professionally branded bottle. Imagine paying 58 bucks for a bottle of Suave!

Who is Diverting?
Products are diverted by unauthorized distributors and salons or their employees, plus other dishonest individuals who see profit in piracy.

What can you do about Diversion?

Buy from professional retailers only. Its the only way any professional brand can guarantee its product. Expired formulas could cause irritation or worse, you don't get to see what professional products can really do for your hair.

Now, Im talking any professional brand - Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Pureology, Logics, Redken, Bumble and Bumble, Davines, Dermalogica, Shu Uemura, and the list goes on and on.

If you see a professional product anywhere other than a salon retail location, its Diverted. Period.

Now most of these formulas are within cents of the salon cost. Im talking pennies. Sometimes they are more expensive but because you see it at a discount store you automatically believe that no matter what the price is on the sku, because of where your at it means its cheaper. WRONG! Don't be fooled.

Buy Professional from a Professional!

If you question where you buy your products or have any concerns- if your a professional and know your brands are being diverted, leave a comment, share with the consumer your thoughts. Help spread the word about diversion and how STUPID it is. Leave a comment!



Enizio @ the Utah Latino Bridal and Quinceañera Show

Today we had the opportunity to do the hair and makeup for the beautiful Latin beauties at the Latino Bridal Show. I know how much everyone loves to see before and afters so I took these for your enjoyment.Heres our hot latina models-

And Im totally biassed to my sis that I love so much. She's such a babe!!

Heres Gen and the lovely Jessica who put the show together and hired us for the job. She was amazing and I feel very honored to have had our team work with someone as wonderful as her. Thanks Jessica!!


Cheers to Retrospect for all they are achieving!

Theres a quote that says something like "Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same"
Thats how I feel about Tim and Heidi.
I know I over post about how much we work with them and how much I love them but you can't not talk about people who have made a difference in your life. Carol and I have been laughed at and ridiculed many times about our idea to start Enizio On-Site. I can't even tell you! It was so refreshing to meet people who believed in you and encouraged, helped and pushed you to be the best. Those are the people you want to keep close and thats why we work so heavily with Retrospect as well as Alta Moda, Studio Stems and the other vendors you see listed to the right of this page.
Tim and Heidi were just recently featured in the American Entrepenuer Project. Just link here to read the article and you have to see the cute picture. Its totally Heidi and Tim.
Anyway, I am so proud of them and so proud to work with them.
Heres to Tim and Heidi! A blessing from Heaven! Way to go guys!!!



Check back next week for her before and after makeup shots! This girl is so beautiful.

Larry hooks it up!

Enizio was invited to the grand opening of the Taylor Andrews Orem location that was held last night. It was so lovely! Greg and I had a chance to rub shoulders with some great hairdressers and of course Larry and Sheri Curtis who are always such a pleasure to chat with. It was fun to be back in the school environment and reminisce of my beauty school experiences. Best of all, Enizio artists took home both giveaways. Greg and I won tickets to the North American Hairdressing Awards in Las Vegas and Stephanie won a full day with Phillip Wilson- world renowned hairdresser. Talk about lucky!

This afternoon we were back at Taylor Andrews for Yosh Toya- who's won “Hairstylist of the Year” Award, the AVEDA “Master of the Art Award,” the “Award of Distinction” from Logics University, Haircolor USA Arts & Sciences “PEP Lifetime Achievement Award,” The International Haircolor Exchange’s “Heart Award,” Modern Salon’s reader’s choice “75 Top Educators of the Country,” “The Grand Trophy of the Professional Press for Best Commercial Hairstyle” by the Association of International Professional Press, and most recently NAHA, North American Hairstyling Awards, “Lifetime Achievement Award.”


Thanks Larry :)



I am so excited to announce that Studio Enizio will now retail KISSABLE COUTURE!
Making its grand entrance the first week of May, you will die when you get your hands on these juicy glosses!
Its buildable pigment so you can say goodbye to all your lipsticks because this is all you'll ever need! Apply one coat in the morning for a day look and build up three to five coats for your evening look. It's lipstick and gloss in one ;) KISSABLE COUTURE is hottest thing on the market! Don't believe me? Check out the KISSABLE COUTURE site for all the latest press!

Come pick up your glosses for only 22 buckaroos after May 1st! And my favorite--- the minis. These 5 shades in all their glory -- 35 bucks! Can't wait!

First ever Latino Bridal and Quinceañera show

This saturday we will be taking part in the first ever Latino Bridal and Quinceañera show in UT.
This is a big deal for us because being latin, we have always wanted to be a part of the latin wedding industry. We have been asked to participate by designing the hair and makeup for the runway show. We are very honored. Now Venezuela is not one that banks on Quinceañeras but having had the opportunity to bask in most latin cultures in my life, I know what a Quinceañera consists of and Ill tell you that those events are at times bigger and more glorious then the future wedding that young girl will have one day. So its a fun thing to be a part of!
So join us this saturday at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley for the first Latino Bridal and Quinceñera show ever to be held in UT!
See you there!!!
more information here



Over the weekend I had the chance to travel to NYC with the team of Retrospect as well as the fantastic duo of Alta Moda. I got to mingle with the best of the best during Fashion Week and of course as you see below, collaborate with Heidi to shoot the beautiful Leslie. I love my job! I can't believe I get paid to do this!
Heres a couple photos from the shoot. High Fashion & Editorial style photography is the new IT for Bridal sessions. As far as a report from Fashion Week. All I can say is
Bows, ruffles and a lot of bling! This next season is sure to provide some of the hottest gowns! Thank heaven for Alta Moda who's bringing them all back to UT just for you! Sneak a peak at what I got to see on the best wedding blog for UT here.


Hey everyone, Our dress drive is today! Come down we have 20+ beautiful prom gowns for so cheap! 

The dress drive is scheduled all day today. 

3300 N Running Creek Way Building A-2
Lehi UT, 84043