Carrie is a good friend of Macy. This week she was married! Congrats!!! She was photographed by Gallery Photo, check out how her professional photo turned out. I had to put it up because i think its really great! The before and afters are from the wedding day session, the pro photo is from her bridal session.

Hair by Cassie and makeup by Carol, I didn't have a chance to meet Maya. But the girls did a great job! Here are her trial pictures..


This girl right here and her awesome mom, are the reason I love my job so much! We can all agree that this picture is not the best but i have to give a visual of Jordan (this is all I took. i was having too much fun to remember a before and after). She is so gorgeous and by far the most fun session for me. I flew solo on this one since were only on for makeup. Jordan is a flight attendant marrying a pilot. Is that not the cutest thing? and her mom...the best!! 

Check out Hannah's engagement  session Cassie and Carol prepped here. Photographed by the amazing Rebekah Westover. 
Heres her bridal session pictures with us. Check out how the professional ones turned out here
She's so gorgeous!


We have had the opportunity to work with Rebekah Westover on several weddings but would you believe that I still have not personally met her? Crazy I know. 
Today I was checking out her blog when I came across one of her posts that shared that one of her weddings had been featured on theknot.com. It was a great moment for me because it just so happen to be a wedding we worked and not only that it was the first wedding the whole team did together. (I actually think it was Cassies first job with Enizio!)  The party was large enough to require all four of us to come out on the wedding day. Not to mention it was by far one of our most influential brides yet and one of my personal favorites. 
Congrats to Kathy who was featured and also because in about 3 weeks will be celebrating her 1 year anniversary (sept 8th). Thank you for allowing us the honor to be a part of your big day! 
Rebekah did a fab job on the photography. If it wasn't for Rebekah i may have never of known Kathy had been featured. So cool!!! Thanks!! 


With Edward the vampire. Uhh Carol loves Edward!

Last night we had the chance to be a part of the Breaking dawn release party at Barnes and Noble. We were there giving vampire glow and bites to help celebrate the new book. 
I have yet to read the books so you can imagine my surprise when I saw the insane amount of people who turned out for this event and mind you we were one of like 50 stores who was releasing the book. It was a lot of fun to hang with all the fans and spread the word about Enizio. Thanks for all the people that stopped by and said Hi!

It was a good time, If you don't believe me check out the guy in the background!

Heres Parker, Dallan and Carol picking a winner for our give away, a gift certificate to our up and coming salon. Congrats to our winner!

and look who we ran into......KRISTINA!!!! love her!!