I am so happy that we got a call from Paulina to come and be a part of her wedding. Meeting her family was the best. Her mom made us the most delicious tostadas I have ever tasted. Not only that but I wish every Mom was as great to work with as her. She was extremely honest (which we always appreciate) and when she didn't like something she told us but she also told us what she wanted fixed about it which we never hear so it was so nice. I told her that if she ever decided to move to Utah she could join our team in a heart beat. We also got to meet her fiance Eric which was a pleasure since we hardly ever meet the groom and of course Paulina was absolutely lovely in every sense of the word. Eric asked us if we ever get the really rude brides and I was so proud to say that every bride we have ever had has been nothing but amazing to work with! Heres her before and afters from her Bridal session with us. 


Today Cassie and I had the honor of being invited to prep the brains behind the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Ceremony. I received a call from Nicole who heads up this project to help the ladies look their best that evening. You should have seen the Grand Ballroom at the Salt Palace, It looked so beautiful! It was a lot of fun to go out and meet these Ladies and see how great their hard work turned out. I wish I could of gotten pictures of them in their dresses they were awesome. Thanks for having us!!!


Party @ Pepper's

We were paid a great compliment this week by being invited to party with Pepper Nix and friends. She threw an amazing party with some of the best food and the most beautiful flower arrangements I have seen. Never mind her birthday cake because no words can describe how amazing it was. We were able to meet some great new people who rule the wedding industry which was such an honor to be in their presence. Of course our favorite person was there.. Hilary of Alta Moda! Heres some high quality pictures I captured with my phone! (sarcasm)


Karen's Cooking Club

SInce the beginning of June, Enizio has been sponsoring "Mash up of the Day" on 101.9 the end. Our new found friend Parker has been helping us spread the word about our little company! One thing we were able to do this last week was join Karen (Parkers wife) and her friends for their cooking club. Get this.. They get together once a month and make phenomenal meals share recipes and eat and drink together. Its actually really cool. Karen has inspired us to start a cooking club of our own since we don't carry the same talent of hair into the kitchen. Karen made an incredible salad, Lennie, a dip that was to die for! We celebrated in the fun for Sarah's birthday and were greatly entertained by Parkers girls who i must say are the most beautiful little girls I have ever known. We got to spend two hours with them sharing a bit of knowledge and glamming up the Ladies. Heres a couple of pictures from Cassies camera.. ( I have probably slaughtered the spelling of these awesome ladies names.. if so I apologize in advance!)

i love this picture of Pam and Carol


We had the opportunity to go up to Snowbasin to prep Michelle for her wedding. One of the most fabulous things about being on site is being able to travel to these beautiful locations. Snowbasin is gorgeous this time of year. Riding the tram up to the mountain and seeing the scenery was awesome!. Michelle was absolutely gorgeous and it was such a pleasure to meet and work with her!


80'S Makeup makes a comeback!!

Team Enizio stopped by Cheesecake Factory a couple of weeks back for lunch before our events of the day. Of course the wait there is forever so we decided to head over to Nordstoms and see what the makeup department had to offer.

Certain trends always make a comeback. Its funny even in my closet I tend to not throw anything out because I know for a fact, give it a couple years, and we will see it again. So it was no surprise to me to find electric pink lipstick, neon orange blush, bright blue eyeliner with matching mascara! The 80's are back in full force but of course with minor adjustments.

Want in on the fun? Here's our advice for wearing the bright bold colors.
Whiles the 80's were all about making a statement by applying colors heavily, the trend this time around is all about blending. Even though your seeing a bold color on the face, its still gives it a more natural look.

Want to take a stab at the oh so tacky blue eyeshadow? Heres how to do it and pull it off..Whiles in the eighties it was all about one color applied very heavily, that is a big no no! Try ussing variations of blues and blend blend blend. Combine it with some silvers or pearls for extra shimmer. Keep the darker tones on the bottom lash line as dark tones tend to make the eye more deep set. Check out this set of tips for more on how to wear blue eyeshadow.

Our biggest recomendation though is not to over do it. Try the bright lipstick with your natural makeup or the blue eyeshadow with a natural lip. Remember whiles in the 80's it was all about more more more, today its about keeping it more natural with a kick! 

Pictures courtesy of temptalia.com, stricklyfabulous.blogspot.com & perscriptives.com


Kristina Wedding Update

Some of Kristina's wedding photos by Photography extraordinaire Rebekah Westover. Some of my favorite wedding pictures of all time belong in this set of photography.


We often hear the term "REMIX" when we speak of music. We know musicians take previously written songs and make "remixes" out of them. The term remix actually means to produce a different version of.

Whiles people look to us to deliver the latest trends in the hair and makeup industry we are firm believers in  the importance of "Remixing".
What I mean by this is whiles its great that we all want to follow the latest' trends its important to use them solely as inspiration.
For example:
See an awesome up do in a magazine you would love to wear on your wedding day? Stop and think whiles its beautiful how can I make it my own?  

Hairstyles and makeup application is there to enhance the best of US. Hair and makeup are an excellent way to show our personalities! Take what you see out there and don't be afraid to produce your own version! Remix!!


Huge fans of...

If ending the day looking like you have black eyes because your mascara is smudging and your eyeliner has melted off is not your cup of tea, try this duo to avoid that situation.

For eyeliner try MAC's fluidline pots. It's AWESOME!. It can go on like a liquid or a pencil. Its gel formula is super easy to smudge for a smokey eye affect or layer for a perfect liquid line. Does not smudge or wear off yet comes off easily with eye makeup remover. 

For mascara try Clinique's new Lash Power Mascara long wearing. Its like rubber tubes coating the eyelash. Lasts 24 hours through sweat, rain, tears and rubbing. Does not come off unless you use warm water to work it out. The only con is that you can't really build with it so if your someone who loves to coat on the mascara, this one is not for you. 


We had the honor last week to be invited to hang out with the wedding industry's finest vendors. Hosted by our good friends Justin and Hilary of Alta Moda Bridal, they totally have the hosting thing down like pros. It was an absolute honor to rub shoulders with some amazingly talented photographers, wedding show hosts, Resort reps etc.. Among the few, (my favorites) Tim and Heidi Uhl, Pepper Nix, Bride Access, Zermatt Resorts, Brandi, Jonathan Canlas, Leo Patrone, Kenneth Linge and Justin Hackworth just to name a few. It was such a fun evening with great food and great company. After words the team headed over to Red Iguana a very very delicious mexican restaurant downtown for some late night grub.  Good times!!

cassie . cynthia . carol

cassie . cynthia . heidi . carol

cassie . carol



Another fabulous bride.. I love my job!! Kristina was absolutely lovely.
Due to bad weather we had to reschedule her bridals and that gave her the opportunity to work with the whole team. Macy and I teamed up for trial and wedding sessions and Cassie and Carol for bridals. Unfortunately I was not able to get a before and after photo until wedding day and since we were only hired for makeup that day I cant take credit for the fab hair in the picture. That is the work of Stephanie at Salon Posh. We are however responsible for hair and makeup for bridal portrait at the bottom of the posting. I like to post a pro photo so you can see how our work photographs professionally.
Thank you to Salon Posh for their kindness hosting us for Kristina's wedding and of course to my girl Kristina.. You are AWESOME!!