Karen's Cooking Club

SInce the beginning of June, Enizio has been sponsoring "Mash up of the Day" on 101.9 the end. Our new found friend Parker has been helping us spread the word about our little company! One thing we were able to do this last week was join Karen (Parkers wife) and her friends for their cooking club. Get this.. They get together once a month and make phenomenal meals share recipes and eat and drink together. Its actually really cool. Karen has inspired us to start a cooking club of our own since we don't carry the same talent of hair into the kitchen. Karen made an incredible salad, Lennie, a dip that was to die for! We celebrated in the fun for Sarah's birthday and were greatly entertained by Parkers girls who i must say are the most beautiful little girls I have ever known. We got to spend two hours with them sharing a bit of knowledge and glamming up the Ladies. Heres a couple of pictures from Cassies camera.. ( I have probably slaughtered the spelling of these awesome ladies names.. if so I apologize in advance!)

i love this picture of Pam and Carol

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