80'S Makeup makes a comeback!!

Team Enizio stopped by Cheesecake Factory a couple of weeks back for lunch before our events of the day. Of course the wait there is forever so we decided to head over to Nordstoms and see what the makeup department had to offer.

Certain trends always make a comeback. Its funny even in my closet I tend to not throw anything out because I know for a fact, give it a couple years, and we will see it again. So it was no surprise to me to find electric pink lipstick, neon orange blush, bright blue eyeliner with matching mascara! The 80's are back in full force but of course with minor adjustments.

Want in on the fun? Here's our advice for wearing the bright bold colors.
Whiles the 80's were all about making a statement by applying colors heavily, the trend this time around is all about blending. Even though your seeing a bold color on the face, its still gives it a more natural look.

Want to take a stab at the oh so tacky blue eyeshadow? Heres how to do it and pull it off..Whiles in the eighties it was all about one color applied very heavily, that is a big no no! Try ussing variations of blues and blend blend blend. Combine it with some silvers or pearls for extra shimmer. Keep the darker tones on the bottom lash line as dark tones tend to make the eye more deep set. Check out this set of tips for more on how to wear blue eyeshadow.

Our biggest recomendation though is not to over do it. Try the bright lipstick with your natural makeup or the blue eyeshadow with a natural lip. Remember whiles in the 80's it was all about more more more, today its about keeping it more natural with a kick! 

Pictures courtesy of temptalia.com, stricklyfabulous.blogspot.com & perscriptives.com


alicia said...

It's like you wrote this just for me, what with my love of blue eyeshadow. :D

I'm Natalie. said...

Hey girl,

I just wanted to let you know that I put some images up on my blog from Heather's shoot. I also gave her a disk of about 85-90 shots from the day.

It was so fun meeting you! Your family is darling!