I am so happy that we got a call from Paulina to come and be a part of her wedding. Meeting her family was the best. Her mom made us the most delicious tostadas I have ever tasted. Not only that but I wish every Mom was as great to work with as her. She was extremely honest (which we always appreciate) and when she didn't like something she told us but she also told us what she wanted fixed about it which we never hear so it was so nice. I told her that if she ever decided to move to Utah she could join our team in a heart beat. We also got to meet her fiance Eric which was a pleasure since we hardly ever meet the groom and of course Paulina was absolutely lovely in every sense of the word. Eric asked us if we ever get the really rude brides and I was so proud to say that every bride we have ever had has been nothing but amazing to work with! Heres her before and afters from her Bridal session with us. 

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