Krisi was our bride bright and early this morning. Cassie was on hair and I did her makeup. Funny story about Krisi, she is actually getting married to a close family friend of my inlaws. We didn't know until Krisi wrote me when she received her wedding gift from my mother in law. She put the two and two together. So hopefully we will be seeing eachother again soon.
Krisi was a pleasure to work with!



Sara has got to be the smartest girl I know. When she called to book her session she mentioned she only needed a bridal sitting because she was already married. Turns out she was not completely happy with her bridal session the first time around so 4 months later she called us to help her recreate the moment. I say she's smart because it happens more often than you think that brides are not happy with their photography and most of us just just blow it off but Sara is awesome for actually doing something about it. It was really fun to meet her and be a part of her wedding even though she wasn't getting married. Many thanks to Alta Moda for the referral!