Acne comes and goes but it seems to always find its way back in the worst occasion - like your wedding day!! The closer to your wedding the more it shows up! Don't worry you're normal. Here are a few tips to control what you can and make sure you have the best skin possible for your wedding day~
  • Get on good cleanser and moisturizer months before your wedding. If you can find something that works great for you early on, you will have the upper hand in controlling your skin.
  •  EXFOLIATE !!! Exfoliating is a must!! Our skin dies in layers so if you want the smoothest skin possible you have to get under all that dead skin. Concentrate on the T-Zone and around the corners of your nose.
  • Break the habit of touching your face! our hands are probably the dirtiest part of our body and trust me when i say you don't want to know what lies beneath your nails. Its dirty, nasty, and full of germs!! Touching your face often results in breakouts.

If your prone to have some white heads on your face, do not extract them yourself. Get it done by someone who knows what they are doing. An Esthetician is someone who actually studies and goes to school to learn the proper way to extract acne without causing damage to your face. They are trained to do the work without scarring the face or breaking the capillaries. Leave it to a professional! Make sure if you schedule a facial it is at least 2 weeks before your event. Sometimes facials cause breakouts because your skin is cleansing itself so 2 weeks gives time for that to pass as well as gives your skin time to heal.

One of the biggest challenges i run into as a make up artist is showing up on wedding day to do the bride and having to try and cover acne that has been picked at. If you haven't noticed yet, it scares. Unfortunately make up does not stick to scares so it makes creating a flawless look near impossible.

If your having problematic skin call a professional! We recommend The Laser Institue at Dry Creek. All treatments are done under the direction of Dr. Sharp. Because you are going into a Dr.'s office you can be guaranteed your getting legit services!

Best of wishes on your wedding day!



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