This is Lindsey. Her family owns the most amazing boutique in the Riverwoods called Kaleidoscope. Their stuff is to die for! Lindsey is one of Alta Moda's brides and when Hilary contacted me to see if we could help Lindsey out of course I jumped on that so quick because its not everyday you get an opportunity to go all retro glam. 
Lindsey wanted us to recreate the Roxy Hart's hair do from Chicago. Im not going to lie I was a bit nervous on how I was going to set a finger wave on location without a dryer. 
Since we are onsite we have to find alternatives to a lot of things and luckily we were able to crack down on it and in a matter of 2 hours which is about 30 minutes more than we normally spend with brides. Not too bad.  Lindsey was so so sweet constantly thanking us for being there. She was AMAZING to work with to say the least and I am so excited to be able to do it all over again come wedding day. (professional photo courtesy of Justin Hackworth Photography, photo below courtesy of my trusty phone). 


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Hilary said...

She looks fabulous!
Love the hair, veil, eyes. Everything!
Well done.