We all know we need quality products to treat and protect our hair during styling and daily agressors throught the day. But, we usually dont think to treat our hair while we sleep. Why not give our hair an extra 8 hours love!? Kerastase offers the Noctogenist line that works at night! The noctogenist range looks to the night, a privileged time to treat hair that has become dull and tired looking from daytime agressors. The formule Nocto-Active offers 8 hours of leave in care that helps replenish the fiber and restores the hair's original beauty.

Before going to bed, brush hair to remove any styling products. Massage 1-2 quarter sized amounts through the midlengths and ends of either dry or towel dried hair. Do not rinse and leave in for duration of sleep. In the morning, proceed with daily hair routine.

so... what are the benefits??
-Hair fiber is replenished with softness and radiance
-Helps protect against daily agressors
-Provides anti dryness protection
-Fiber is left feeling soft, supple and manageable
-Will not transfer from hair onto pillow or bedding

L- Stephanie

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