Fellow wedding vendor and friend of mine, Turia Larsen, is an incredible cake designer. She is one of the amazingly talented vendors we work with. Last week she sent me this picture of a cake she made for a cosmetologist graduate. She said she thought of me when she made it- what a sweetheart! So I had to post it for all of you to see because I think its incredible and I can totally appreciate it. I wish someone would of made me a cool cake when I graduated from cosmetology school! Come to think of it, I wish I could just have a cool cake like this for no reason at all! I love cake!!!
Wether its a graduation, a wedding or a birthday, Sugar Kisses - Cake by Design, should be on your list! Thanks Turia for sending this picture over! Love it!!!

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Turia said...

I'll make a cake for you whenever you want!
Thanks for the post.