The Holiday Season has arrived! I couldn't be more excited! December is a month of holiday cheer, parties and a lot of love!! Here's Enizio's must have products to get you through the season looking your very best!

1. Makeup Forever Primer
The end of the year means longer hours at work. It also means little prep time between your day activities into your evening activities. Makeup Forever Primer will help your makeup last throughout the day making it easier and quicker to switch your day look into your night look.
Primers are wonderful for filling in all the imperfections in the face helping to give you a flawless foundation application.

2. Chroma Thermique
This is the season we pull out all the heat tools. Your hair will take a huge beating so its important you protect it from heat damage. Chroma Thermique protects hair from the harmful effects of heat-styling tools and other aggressors. It improves hair drying time and straightening performance. Nourishes, softens and moisturizes the hair while providing lasting optimal shine from roots to ends.

3. Sublimateur Jour
Its cold outside which only means DRY HAIR. Argh!!!
Lucky you, Kerastase just launched a new styling aid. This is my favorite!!!
Sublimateur Jour provides lightweight nourishment without weighing down the hair or leaving any residue. It leaves the hair super soft, shinny and supple. Best of all, it protects from frizz and dryness. This is a must have for any hair type this holiday season! Use before or after your blow style.

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