Meet Adriana, one of the cutest girls I know. She has been a client of Enizio since day 1. She has always wanted long gorgeous hair but for some reason could never get her hair to grow to her desired length. A couple of weeks ago we put a full head of extensions in her hair and after just a couple of hours, she had the long and gorgeous hair she always wanted.



Extensions are amazing! They are a must have for 2010! It is the best way to add length without waiting years, it gives you instant color without compromising the integrity of the hair, and augments immediate thickness and dimension after just a couple of hours.
Studio Enizio offers Racoon Hair Extensions. Racoon is a world-wide leader in hair extensions due to the quality of hair they offer. Racoon's unique bonding formula has been specially designed for hair extensions. The bond is gentle to the hair during application and removal, and is easy to apply and maintain. It also remains unaffected by daily styling.
The application method is done by using single strands of hair, which means your extension specialist has the ability to customize your extensions to match your natural hair color flawlessly.
Brides- This is the way to get your dream hair for your wedding! You don't need to commit to a bonded method. For a less permanent solution, there is the microweft method which lasts anywhere from 2-4 weeks. There is also clip-ins, which you can put on and pop off the same day and wear over and over again.
No matter what your frustration may be with your own hair, chances are that hair extensions can come to the rescue. So as you're thinking about your next hair do, think longer!!
Call today to schedule your complimentary extension consultation with one of our certified Hair Extension Artists!! 801-341-5041
*Adrianas Extensions by Cynthia

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