Kevin Burdick CD Cover Photoshoot

The CD is called The Walking Wounded. It hits stores in June.
Kevin calls himself "deeply wounded". After the loss of his baby girl, he turned to music as his healing power. Now he is out to help others who are as deeply wounded. He chose to do a physical manifestation of emotional wounds. Cassie and I teamed up create.
We gave Kevin (upon request) a Y autopsy incision with bruising. The rest of the models showed different bruising, bleeding, scaring ect.. Heres a couple of shots I got with my camera on the last 2 locations. You can see the professional photos when they hit our site next month.

We had to do all that in that tiny of space!! Go team ENIZIO!! jk

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cassie said...

we are the bomb, aka the shiz, aka freakin sick, aka bad a**, aka number one.

don't mess with the best cause the best don't mess. don't foo with the coo cause the coo don't foo.