Behind the Scenes

Enizio Photoshoot

Yesturday we had the honor of working with Utah's best photographer, Heidi Uhl of Retrospect Studios. We teamed up to create some looks for our new website. Each artist had the opportunity to use their creative juices and come up with three looks in any category of their choice. There was a great variety and you can definitely see a little bit of our personality in our looks. Unfortunately, due to a family death, Macy could not join us for the shoot. We missed her dearly and our prayers go out to her family. Heidi was absolutely amazing.. of course. Many thanks to all of our beautiful models who made our job so easy, to Heidi for her amazing talent and Hilary and Justin of  Alta Moda who provided the most fabulous accessories for our shoot. Heres a couple of pictures we shot with our camera. The pro photos should hit our site very soon. Check back soon for our live coverage of the shoot plus a special bonus feature when we make up photographer extraordinaire Tim Uhl in full bridal glam. Yes, he is a man and Yes,  you'll for sure want to see it!!! 

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