Curly Hair Tips and Tricks for both Artists and Clients

Do you find curly hair more difficult to style? Do you find that no matter how much product you use, the hair still looks frizzy? Do you have trouble finding a product that leaves the hair soft and shiny but also has hold? Here is a set of steps I have found to be very helpful when styling clients with curly hair.

1. Make sure you use a cream curl product. Gels and mousses tend to harden and flake leaving the hair looking filmy and full of product. Curly hair today is soft and moveable.
2. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of curl crème when the hair is towel dried. If you can use more, use more. Curly hair is naturally more dry so it shouldn’t make the hair feel or look unclean.
3. While the hair is still damp, part and place the hair in the style you would like before you start diffusing then don’t touch the hair again until it’s dry. If you do need to touch it, make sure there is product on your fingers so you don’t separate hairs and create frizz.
4. The keys to diffusing are LOW heat and LOW airflow. High heat and airflow are two main causes of frizz.
5. DO NOT turn your client upside down to diffuse. Just put the diffuser right up against the head and work on one section at a time. This will require a little bit of patience, but the end result makes it worth it!
6. When the hair is dry, use a light creamy finishing product on your fingertips and gently set your fingertips on the scalp. Making sure not to disturb your finished style, rub your fingertips in tiny circles on the head, one section of the head at a time, to separate any hair that is stuck to the scalp so the hair is more moveable. Remember to pull your hands straight out from the head before moving to your next section. Also use this product in your hands to gently squeeze the hair together in any spots where you do find frizz.
7. Finally, use a very small amount of light hold aerosol hairspray over your finished style, and voila! Perfection!

To achieve this look, here are the products I would strongly recommend:

Bain Oleo-Curl Shampoo
Oleo-Curl Masque
Oleo-Curl Crème- Curl Definition Crème
Lumiere Nutri-Sculpt- Illuminating Finishing Crème
Double Force- Multi-Protective Spray.

All products are in the hydrating Nutritive line by Kerastase

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