Last night ENIZIO had the opportunity to be recognized by Salt Lake City Magazine as their pick for Best Makeup Artist 2009. I cried. Its a big deal for us because makeup is the reason Carol got into hair to begin with so to be recognized for that after all these years is so incredibly awesome! Thank you so much for the nomination and the votes! This truly means the world to us !!!!! OK more like the galaxy ;D


David & Jessica said...

That is awesome! I am a student at Taylor Andrews down in Orem and I must say I am very impressed with all of you! I went to the salon and loved it!! You desirve to be #1!!... Moving on.. ;) I have a question, I am doing a my first big photo shoot on the 11th of July, do you have any pointers for me? If can help me in anyway that would be great! Also if you ever need any one to help assist please please call me!! -My e-mail address is jlsmith0730@gmail.com

shelly said...

Congratulations!!! Wow -- what an honor and something to really be proud of!