Who doesn't love balloons?

We recently took our kids to see the movie UP. My son Aden (who is 18 months) LOVES balloons so you can imagine the excitement when the balloons apeared on the screen. He started freaking out screaming babloon, babloon!!
Well who would of thought that balloons would make such great props for all things wedding photography? You can't help but admit that in the end, balloons=happy! Check out this round of photos of beautifully depicted balloon props for wedding and engagement photography.

photography by Boutwell Studio

photography by Caroline Trang

photography by Max Wagner

photography by Caroline Trang

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Melissa said...

Hey! I love balloons. I saw a Vogue ad months ago and wanted to use balloons. Well, here's an engagement session I did with balloons!


Now you have a local photog. on your balloon list! Love you guys!