Ever wonder how all the movie stars get those big beautiful curls in their hair without it falling flat or looking crunchy from product? Follow these six simple steps and you too can have red carpet worthy curls.

1. Begin by applying a thermal protectant smoothing cream, such as Nectar Thermique by Kerastase, to damp towel dried hair. This will prep the hair by smoothing the hair strands and protecting it from the damaging effects of the blow dryer and curling iron.

2. Once the product is applied evenly, begin blow drying the hair to get a t least 80% of the moisture out. Section off the hair and round brush it until the hair is smooth and dry.

3. To curl, begin by taking a two inch horizontal section at the back bottom half of the head and clip the rest of the hair out of the way. Take one inch vertical sections from the previous section and apply a heat activated setting spray evenly to hair such as Biolage Thermal Active setting spray.

4. Insert a one or two inch curling iron horizontally to the middle of the hair strand and begin twisting it downwards lifting up on the clamp of the barrel and working the ends in. Once the ends are in, roll the iron towards the root and hold for just a few seconds to set the hair. Gently unwind the curling iron and set it aside. With your fingers, re roll the hair up to the root and pin it carefully using a bobby pin on the inside of the curl to avoid creasing.

5. Proceed by repeating steps 3 and 4. Once bottom section is complete, go ahead and part off another two inch horizontal section directly above it and take corresponding one inch vertical sections. Continue, completing the entire head.

6. When the hair is set (cooled), begin by removing the pins in the order they were put in. After the curls are all down, gently finger comb them and use a comb to smooth the top. If needed, apply a light back combing to the roots. As a finishing aid, use a light smoothing cream on your fingers, such as Lumiere Nutri Sculpt by Kerastase, and gently to the ends of the curls to smooth. Use a medium-strong hold aerosol hairspray to add the perfect finishing touch but not too much!!. We recommend Davines Defining Hair Spray.

Now all you need is beautiful dress and you're ready for your close up on the Red Carpet!

L- Morgan

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Kayleen T. Photography said...

Love your blog because of tips like this! Oh and I'm so coming in for eyelash extensions.