2009 VMA's

Now that the 2009 vma's have come to end, I'm sure we will never forget or forgive Kanye for his minute of shame. Madonna paid tribute to The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and it touched our hearts for sure. But lets get to the good stuff and review the hottest and baddest looks of the night and of course nod at the ones that just didn't cut it this year.

Keri Hilson's hair and makeup takes my vote for best hair and makeup look of the night. She looks soooooo hot! Props to her hairdresser and colorist. Two thumbs up to her makeup artist.
Hated it! Jennifer Lopez looked aweful. Nothing about it works for her including that dress!

I love the softness of her evening makeup look but her hair resembles Sways hat.

I can't decide if this is on purpose or not. Either way, Shakira's hairdresser finally gave her a decent blonde tone and Pink looks more feminine than Ive ever seen her. Love them both.
Lady Gagas performance was horrible. I can say the same for her makeup. The hair and wardrobe, I actually liked those. I think shes the only one who could pull this look off but it still didn't grab my attention. The video is a lot better.

Billie Joe's hair looks like a bad wig. For being an icon for cool hair, I was sadly disappointed
And of course, the famous Beyonce. I love everything about her hair and makeup. The performance was show stopping. The song, the choreography, the look, everything about it worked for me.

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