Brideology recap

I recently had the opportunity to be a guest speaker at the launch of Brideology - An educational event for brides to be. Studio Enizio hosted the event under the direction of Darla Roze Photography, founder of Brideology.
For my presentation, I focused my attention on the importance of makeup. I addressed 7 common myths in regards to the importance of hiring a professional for your wedding day makeup. They included;

MYTH 1: I don’t have to hire a pro because my sisters friends cousins wife’s next door neighbors aunt is going to do it for me. She went to beauty school!

MYTH 2: Well its cheaper to go to a counter so I’m just going to do that.

MYTH 3: My future husband loves the way I look everyday, why should I pay someone to put my makeup on when I can just do it myself and know that he will love it?

MYTH 4: I have to have airbrush because I heard its better and will last longer.

MYTH 5: A trial is not necessary for me because I know exactly what I want.

MYTH 6: I don’t need to do anything to prepare my skin because my makeup artist will cover everything.

MYTH 7: I don’t want to hire a makeup artist because then I won’t look like myself

Check out the photos and a full report on the evening on utahbrideblog.com. You can also check out a picture of our lovely bride to be model Leslie. I will put closeups our my twitter so follow us if you want an up close look.

Be sure to keep a look out for the next Brideology event. It was an evening worth participating in!

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