Makeup tips for the DIY bride

Even though a makeup artist is a must for your wedding, a lot of people opt to do the makeup themselves. Heres some tips from our makeup artists for those of you brave enough to take on the job!

Morning Brides:

Morning brides will photograph in the most natural light. This light has a blue tint to it. Because of this everything will photograph darker than you see it therefore do not make bold color choices for this time of the day. Also warmer shades photograph better in this light because of the contrast of the cool light. False eyelashes are a must for any bride being photographed early morning.

Mid Day Brides:

This is the harshest light to photograph in. The light source is directly above you therefore it can cast shadows in the under eye area. Choose a highlight with a touch of shimmer to avoid looking like you have under eye circles. Keep liner as close to lash line as possible again, to avoid the shadows. Use false eyelashes this will open up the eye more. Avoid dewy or sheen looks with your foundation and don't be afraid to blend, blend, blend. You cannot blend enough when photographing in this light.

Late After Noon Brides:

This is by far the best and most flattering light anyone can be photographed in. This light is so forgiving that you can do more intense color choices.. The flash however, will wash out your face so don't be afraid to put color on! Blush and Bronzer either or are a must in this light. Lip color can be richer for this time of day.Don't forget to pull out the false eyelashes to finish the look.

Evening Brides:

This is the time to let the Diva in you out!! Feel free to choose more bold colors. This is the only time a bride can get away with wearing a smoky eye. This is a great time to define your features. Shimmers are great for this time of day and false eyelashes a must!

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