How to have a successful salon visit

image courtesy of treassuringtresses.com

Finding a hairdresser is like the search for a significant other! Hairdressers have a different approach to the way they dress hair, the way they communicate and the things they feel are most important. It can be overwhelming but at the same time very exciting. In order to help you through this process, here are 5 simple tips to help you get the most out of any hairdresser you visit.

1. Visit the salon or do some research before scheduling and appt. Check out the age, style and hairdos of the staff and clients. Does what you want fit in with their approach and image?

2. Take a picture with you. This will help your artist visualize what is in your mind. Use the pictures as a guide but be open to hear what the artist has to say as your hair texture and length will play a major role in making your vision a reality.

3. Be open to the care and maintenance of your desired look- Your artist should explain to you what products it will take to recreate this look as well as regular salon visits to maintain the look at its best. If for some reason they don't explain this to you, ASK! Once you hear their professional recommendation, think about your commitment to doing what it takes. If you feel like it will be too much work, or too expensive to maintain, then you may want to think twice about the service your going to receive.

4. It's important to feel like you can communicate with your artist. Find descriptive words to help explain to your artist your frustrations with your hair as well as the things you love. Share with your hairdressers things that have worked for you in the past, concerns you may have as well as the absolute do-not's. Communication is the most important thing to a positive experience in any salon. A good hairdresser will understand that you know your hair better then anyone else.

5. And lastly, always have an open mind when visiting a new salon. Comparing your new stylist to your old one will just set you up for disappointment. Ask questions to help you feel at ease. There is more than one way to achieve something so if they aren't doing it exactly like your past hairdresser, it doesn't necessarily mean they don't know what they are doing.

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