I had the chance to come back for season 3 of Bully Beatdown, the crazy MTV show where bullies get the crap beat out of them by MMA fighters. Never seen or heard of the show? check it out here.
This season was crazy. I laughed, I cried, & undoubtedly had a great time. Jason was crazier than ever, the crew was a riot, and I LOVED working with Kathleen and Nancy again. We really had a great time.
Heres some pics for you all. I have some behind the scene video that I will try to get up soon ( soon meaning sometime before the end of the year ;D its wedding season. lol.)

Here I am with Nancy. Nancy is the wardrobe stylist for the show. I love her to pieces.

Kathleen Tesori is the Ring Girl for the show. Here she is getting ready to film.

This is Chris from MTV. He was one of my buddies on set. Here he is gawking at Kathleen during one of her photoshoots for the website. She's being photographed by Mitch Meyer and Lucas Kane


Nick Gaston


Getting Kathleen ready for showtime

Morning coffee, hair and makeup for Jason.
(Hes usually a lot happier than this in the morning)

Touch ups before another fight goes down

Thats a wrap!
Be sure to check out the show when it airs this fall. Even I am going to be watching this season. Its going to be awesome!