Featured - Carissa

Carissa contacted us a while back to take part in her wedding. Because she was from out of state, it made it difficult to arrange for a trial session so we had to hit her look spot on the first time around.

She brought several pictures as her inspiration pieces and we decided on a very vintage hairdo that was sculpted and very intricate. Stephanie gave her golden eyes with a pink lip that tied everything together perfectly.
For her wedding, Carissa has sent a new set of photos for a more modern, fresh and fun look. So I will have a whole new Carissa to show you next time around!

I've been dying to show off Scott Jarvie's work so Im glad he ok'd me to use these. If I could describe his stuff in one word it would be breathtaking.

Thank you to Carissa and her parents for allowing us to take part in her wedding.

We are excited for Carissas wedding this tuesday when she will marry her childhood sweetheart. Their story is the sweetest thing you'd ever heard.

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