As summer starts to wind down and the days are getting shorter and cooler, fall hair color is on the mind. The change of a season is a great time for some fresh new color. I have always loved the idea of going a little darker and richer in the fall and winter, but there are no rules! This season always inspires me with rich warm browns, cinnamon reds and golden blondes.

"melting color"
photo zooomr.com

One technique that I love is called color melting. The concept is that the hair is darkest at the roots and gets lighter, or "melts" towards the ends. Think Sarah Jessica Parker and Gisele Bundchen. Because of the way the roots are done to look darker than the ends, you don't get the regrowth that you get with foil highlights. Everything is very seamless. This technique can be done on almost any length of hair, and the end result is subtle and gorgeous. Blondes achieve the look of having spent the summer on the beach with natural looking highlights and brunettes can experience rich color at the roots with carmel toned tips.

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