Morgans long hair tip

If there were just one tip I could give when it comes to the growing out process of your hair, it would be to have your hair trimmed on a regular basis. I would recommend seeing your Cutting Artist at least every 6-8 weeks.
You may be thinking "What? My hair just grew! I don't want to cut it!" but this step is so important. Trimming your hair often is going to save your hair from damage that leads to breakage, and eventually lifeless dry stringy ends. If you are having your hair trimmed regularly you won't need more than a half inch at most trimmed. This regular treatment will result in healthier hair, and fuller healthy ends.
Let me clear up the "Trimming your hair makes it grow faster myth." Unfortunately this is false. your hair grows at the root, and will grow faster or slower depending on the health of your scalp. However, trimming your hair will save you from continually breaking at the ends, which will cause you to lose length over time.
My new favorite product for all hair types, but especially long hair is Sublimateur Jour by Kerastase. I like to think of this product as a lotion for your hair. Think about how often you could use hand lotion. My answer is all the time! Your hair could use it too. Kerastase inroduces Sublimateur Jour as your hair lotion; its a unique hair cream that can be applied throughout the day to provide instant lightweight nourishment, incredible shine and suppleness.

Follow these few little tips and you will get to experinece long thick luscious locks!

L~ Morgan

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