Its been a while... Heres what we have been up to.

I recently had the opportunity to come on the set of Bully Beatdown as the Hair and Makeup Artist for the Utah portion of the show. If your not familiar with it, its a reality show on MTV that basically takes MMA fighters and bullies and puts them in the ring together. It's meant to teach bullies a lesson on beating up on others and what it feels like to get your butt kicked!. The first fight I saw I was almost in tears but by fight 4 I was really into it wanting to see some action!! The show airs on Aug. 27th at 9:00 pm on MTV. Check it out, your in for some good stuff this year! Heres a couple of pictures from set.

So of course after being amongst so many people in shape, Macy decided it was time to get our trash kicked and the team headed out to a little boot camp. We were so sore for the next days after! Instructor Lott totally worked us!
Carol and I had a chance to be a part of Julie and Chris' wedding out in Oakland CA. We had the chance to work with Heidi Uhl of Retrospect Studios. It was such a fun trip. Hot Chocolate will never be the same for me!! Heres Heidi and I outside the Oakland temple. Carol is inside touching up the bride. This was such a great experience and our very first out of state wedding. With it, we are hoping to start a new trend!

And of course... NAHA's. The North American Hairdressing Awards held in Las Vegas NV. Courtesy of Larry and Sheri Curtis (the coolest people on earth) Greg and I had a chance to see what the industry is really all about. We were inspired greatly by the amazing talent that surrounds our industry. Who knows maybe in the next couple of years.....

Aside from that, we have been working with the editor of Utah Bride and Groom doing the editorial for the Jan issue (its going to be smokin hot!!) and our new On-Site team just wrapped their first gig as a team, the Alysses Bridal Catalog.
So hence the lack of posts!! Congratulations to Kara, Tanya, Julie, Raven and Melissa who were all married this month so far. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day!!!


David & Jessica said...

Sounds like you guys are having a blast! I wanted to let you know that if you need help with anything or need an assistant helping out on the weekends... I would love to help! (I am a current student at T.A) I want to get my "feet wet" when ever I get the chance! oh and p.s I did my first photoshoot... THanks for the tips!

++++++++++++++ said...

Congrats on your photoshoot! That's great! Feel free to call or come by anytime. Students always come up to the salon and scope out our projects. You can call the salon and see what's next on the schedule and arrange to hang out.