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New from Kerastase!!

Oleo Relax Slim
A new and innovative in salon ritual and at home regiment
Volume control smoothing treatments for dry, thick and rebellious hair

-Dry hair is strengthened from within to help protect from future damage.
-Volume reduction! Rebellious hair is controlled and volume reduced for easier styling
Anti frizz protection- frizz and unruly ends are disciplined, hair is left relaxed with a sleek finish.
-hair is lightweight, sleek and extra smooth
-Hair is left feeling natural

The oleo relax slim treatment is a volume control smoothing treatment for dry, thick and rebellious hair. It tames and smoothes the hair while protecting from frizz, also reducing unwanted volume in the hair leaving you with more manageable hair. The treatment will need to be applied every 4-6 weeks, and an at home regiment is recommended to keep your hair smooth, manageable and frizz free.

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Timothy Uhl said...

You KNOW I love this stuff!!